Elections 2019: Are you registered to vote?

Are you registered to vote in 2019 elections? Check your voter registration status using 3 easy steps. Find the next date for elections 2019 registration.
Do you know if you're registered to vote for National Elections 2019 in South Africa? You can check your voter registration status online, at the IEC's website. I'm going to show you a couple of other ways to check your voting registration status. It doesn't require a lot of details anyway. You can also check on behalf of friends and family members - if you have their ID number. But, before I show you the steps, when is the date for registration anyway?

National Elections 2019: When can you register to vote?

First, to qualify to vote, you must be 18 years and older. You must have a green, bar-coded ID book; smartcard ID; or valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC). If you have missed the previous scheduled voting dates - back in March 2018, you still have a chance to register to vote. Apply for registration at the voting station for your voting district on the final registration weekend for the 2019 National and Provincial Elections set for 26-27 January 2019. The best part? Voting stations will be open 8am-5pm both on the Saturday and Sunday.

How do I check my voter registration status

There are couple of ways you can check your registration status.


You can send your ID Number to 32810 - standard rates apply (R1.00 per SMS). Your voting status and details will be sent to your mobile number.

# Online

You can check online using the IEC website. Simply enter your ID number and security code. Click submit and your status will be displayed on your computer screen instantly. Check voter registration status

# At the Voting station or local IEC office

Visit your local IEC office, check your status and update information if need be. You can use the voting station finder here. Complete the IEC registration form with your details and submit your identity document book for scanning. Alternatively, give them a call on 0800 11 8000 to find out more information about the National Elections 2019. The sad part... If you don't register to vote for the next elections, you won't be allowed to vote on the day. The purpose of your registration for the elections, is for your name to appear in the voter's roll. A voter's roll is a list of all registered-to-vote citizens.