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Do Unto Others What You Want To Be Done Unto You


It goes without saying that we want to be treated with utmost respect by others, but why aren’t we treating others the same? Looking at the constitution of South Africa, section 10 clearly states that “Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.” But how do I respect and protect your dignity if you do not respect mine,  and how do I expect you to do the same when I do not? By simply treating each other as equal citizens of the country and upholding the spirit of ubuntu.   

All  morally corrupt ideas stem from hatred of one by another. Theft of one’s property, damage to one’s property is all because of the selfishness in the world. All the great wickedness and iniquity is done because we do not have deferential respect of one another and because we are egotistically obsessed with ourselves. We are in the world of ‘one man for himself’ and we do not keep into consideration the number of people we hurt with our self-centered.   

Plotting revenge on each other results in the whole world being bitter rivals. Mahatma oGandhi said “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” Whenever you think of doing something bad to another person, put yourself into that person’s shoes and think of that very same thing being done to you by that person. Conficus said that we must think of the consequences of anger.   

Barry White told us to practice what we preach. If we want good things done to us, we must do good unto others. And if we do bad unto others, we must expect the same treatment from them. A successful nation is one which has respect for each and every citizen,  young and old. A saying goes “Motho ke motho ka batho”, which is similar to the idiom ‘one hand washes the other’. Treat each and every person equally, regardless of their status.   Always remember that good deeds do not go unmentioned.