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Conco terminate more than 54 employee contracts


Eskom subcontractor, Conco is going to terminate a total number of more than 54 employees end of July 2016 from their Substations installation in Mashashane, Limpopo. According to reports, a list of those employees leaked and have been going around from last month of June compiled by the assistant supervisor of the project.

Conco has a proven record of running successful Eskom substation installations nationwide.

According to anonymous reports, the assistant supervisor have been handing out the termination-of-contract forms for employees to sign this week ending their employment this coming 22nd July 2016. “I laughed when I saw forms going to people who were not even in the initial list, I could tell all this is unfair and short notice dismissals”, they said.

Apparently the Conco HR didn’t know about the list when it leaked at the beginning. However the whole situation seems like “Favoritism” since the assistant supervisor is from the local village around Mashashane and none of his “Friends” are in the list of employees whom their contracts have been cancelled. It was reported that the supervisor is a drunkad as well as such he only listed those he doesn’t share picncs with around the area.

The actual project is far from over according to reports, seems like the assistant supervisor have some hidden agenda, may he just want to have his friends work so hard while he is taking money in his pocket.