Buy or sell used smartphones on Phonetradr

Phonetradr is an online platform that allows people to buy and sell used smartphones. It's more like take a lot but just for used smartphones. The institution guarantees a transparent and risk-free process for buying or selling your smartphone. For contract cellphone users, what do you do with your cellphone when your contract expires, you sell it don't you? Now: Imagine if you can sell your good conditioned-used-smartphone at a market related pricing instead of just a friendship or family bargain deal. Phonetradr give users of the platform the ability to approve the final sale, whether you are buying or selling. However they handles the entire process, ensuring smoothness and transparency of the process. Once a phone is being sold, Phonetradr will collect and checks the quality of the device. If it doesn't meet the minimum criteria, a refund will be issued to the buyer.

What are the benefits of using Phonetradr?

There are quite a couple of benefits you can enjoy by just using Phonetradr. They will give you a 1-year warranty in case anything goes wrong, you can get your money back. Compared to selling your smartphone with other platforms that aren't mainly for smartphones, Phonetradr will give you the highest bid in your phone price, they will do proper valuations in order to get the market value of the device. The best part: You can also buy a used smartphone on credit, isn't that cool? As much as the price value of the smartphone had gone down, you can still purchase the device on credit. The credit facility is very convenient for people who can't afford to buy the phones cash. Imagine buying the most expensive phone at the lowest price on credit, come on. After signing up with Phonetradr, everyone gets online technical support, you know what this means right, this means you can get help anytime you want without having to wait. Otherwise if you decide not to sell or buy the device anymore, you can cancel the transaction anytime. The platform is secured with modern web security technologies, so you can trust your information will be safe and not shared with anyone else. To find out more information about the platform, kindly call them directly on +27 10 140 6470 or alternatively visit their website at to read more and use the application.