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Bogus initiation school bosses are warned


In terms of current legislation, any director of such unregistered initiation school (if they exist) can be arrested and face jail sentence. Let our culture not to be desecrated by the few scoundrels amongst us whose only interest is to make money. Koma is a rite of passage should never become a death sentence.” MEC for Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements, and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA), Mmakoma Makhurupetje was quoted while bestowing speech on an inauguration of Kgoshi Ngwako Cedric Phooko.

The initiation school of nowadays are peculiar, there are many description to explain why this is not taken “serious” and what causes the failure of the proceedings, it is mainly due to inexperience people(directors) and those who want only money. Are traditional doctors doing their utmost, are the directors of initiation school registered, do they have knowledge of doing such proceedings (ceremony) to mention but a few.

The Phooko Community has a legacy and a rich history of respecting their elders. This is according to inexhaustible MEC, Mmakoma Makhurupetje. “This is why there is peace and tranquility in all the 06 villages (Soetfontein, Rietvlei, Setale, Bontfontein, Nooitgedagte, and Koodesfontein) under the leadership of his majesty Kgoshi Phooko.

“Working together with Kgoshi Phooko and his Royal Council, I believe all these challenges can be easily resolved without any difficulty. We are already working with the Department of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure under the leadership of MEC Jerry Ndou to attend to some these challenges.”

There is enormous progress that is being registered by the Department of CoGHSTA in the area of human settlements. Greater Letaba Municipality has received 400 Low-Cost Housing units for 2015/16 to the value of R30.8 m through Rural Housing Programme.