Beware of the EXPERTS

Never trust the people being called EXPERTS appearing on your television screen telling you about military, education, financial and labour issues. The capitalist system relies heavily on what they call "experts". Once you see a man or woman with a university degree appearing on your screen with the title "Military expert", "Financial expert" or "Labour expert" just know you are going to hear a capitalist propaganda, justifying either war, financial robbery on the poor or workers' low wages as a way of economic measure.

It is a capitalist propaganda. For the imperialism and domestic capitalists to thrive first it has to prepare people mentally. To start a capitalist war for the profits they call what they say it is "Military experts" to justify war, so as they can win majority before the war starts. They tell the masses that they are under threat, how the defense war should be carried out and how the defense force at war should use which ammunition and staregy to win the war.

They will always tell the public, through capitalist media, that there is a threat out there and this threat should be eliminated. The public would be bombarded with lies and more lies about foreign threats that needs to be eliminated. But there is one thing they will never tell the public before the war and after; that is where to get the gold, oil, artefects and diamond stollen during the war. The only land occupied during the war would where you can find old, oil, artefects and diamond. The war has never been for self defense but greed and economical.

This is also happening in the labour sector. If there is an industrial action, like the one in 2012 where the mine workers went on inductrail action for 5 months demanding R12000 per month minimum wage, there was always an interview with the "Labour experts". These are the people who would tell the striking workers that the R12000 demand is impossible and the economy is going to collapse if this demand is granted. They would threaten the workers that they would loose their jobs if they continues to demand huge wages. But they would never tell the workers how much in profits and bonuses the bosses and investors are making per month and annually. They will never break down any expenditures by the top bosses.

You'll also find "experts" in the financial sector. The banks and insurance companies would hire what are called "Financial experts" to speculate on the interest rates, bonds and financial performances in the financial market. They would tell the masses through public media that the country needs a tax relaxation on corporate tax and increase income tax for the workers in order to lower this and that.

These financial experts as well threaten the poor with high interest rates which would result in high inflation and so on. They would defend the system, citing that everything is in line with global market. But what is surprising is that they would never mention that the interest rates, inflation, job losses and everything they are talking about have always been there and rising.

They always want the poor to listen to these threats. "They would loose jobs", "they would pay too much", "they would have no medicines" and "they would have no cheap transport fares". But since when the poor have not been paying too much for all these? "The rentals would keep on rising" and "the living standards of the poor should not be expensive". Since when have the poor never paid too much for rent, water, electricity and everything?

Recently, these expert having telling the students in universities that "free education is impossible" they have been threatening the poor that the standard of education in South Africa is going to fall, if free education is granted. These experts would appear as relevant and reliable experienced sources. But to whose advantage? Be doubtful, they are the urgent of capital. They have to keep education not accessible, to keep huge number of young people uneducated so as they keep a reserve army of labour aside.

These experts are just the collaborators of the capitalist system. The military experts seat in the board of directors committees of the arms manufacturing companies, such as in Dinel, Armscor, DEA and so on. They would never say no to a war, simply because war brings in money in their companies and they are shareholders. They would lie and lie about "foreign threats" and terrorism just to go to war and sell their guns and ammunition during the war.

The labour experts also seat in the bargaining councils, deployed by the organised businesses such as South African Chamber of Commerce, South African Chambers of Mining, Black Management Forum, BUSA and so on. They seat at one table and plan the media release statements; to fool and lie to the masses. Which side are they on? Not on the site of the workers of course.

The financial experts are the business and industry owners themselves. Often they have huge experiences in the sector that they are experts in. They are specialists in financial speculations, soothsaying and they make money by guessing profits figures in the markets. They predict, set targets and if they guess it right they get rewarded for that by the financial institutions they work for; the banks, investors, insurance and loan schemes.

The business experts represent this businesses in the bargaining councils for wage disputes. They appear in the media to scare the workers that the economy is not doing well and their demand are somehow irrelevant. This cuts in the profits and their bosses will not be happy with it.

These experts appear on capitalist media as if they are the representatives of the working class. They would say the economy is going to hurt the poor if the wages are not going to be at par with global standards. They are going to say the environment needs to be stabilised, by making affordable demands in the labour market. They would scare the working people that the firms and factories would close and leave South Africa, thereby joblessness would be the order of the day.

But be careful! The scary things they are saying on national media are already happening. The workers are loosing jobs in huge numbers, the taxes are rising, the prices are rising, the interest rates are rising, the prices of petrol are rising and the living standards of the poor is not improving. But the firms and factories are not leaving South Africa.

The Experts and the capitalist system is a King and the Queen. Both of them need the workers to do their laundry at the end of the day. They would benefit in the system both, if not confronted they would continue to keep the system.

Why the system would never call the struggling mine workers, as experts, to tell their own stories from the factories they work in? Why the system would never call the struggling university students, as experts, to tell their own stories from universities? Why the system would never call the people who are over-indebted and over-charged by the banks, as experts, to tell their own stories? Why the system would never call those who have their houses bombarded, as experts, to tell their own horrifying stories? This they will never do, never in million years.

They would never do this because they would be exposed when the news are revealed through those who are suffering, and not through those who are benefiting from the people miseries and sufferings.

The experts are the extensions of the capitalist system that put people in misery. They are their mouth pierce. They seat together in one restaurants in the suburban areas, they go fishing together in the same boats, they live together in mansions and they share the same fate. If the capitalist system falls they fall too. So they need each other and they use one tool; a capitalist propaganda to deceive the masses.