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Best high paying jobs for college students


Apart from saving money in college or university, students can also make income during their flexible hours of study. Studying can be a full time job and really tough sometimes, requires full attention in order to accomplish greatness during your time in college.

However as a student, you don’t want to end up worrying about financing your living expenses at the college or university. There are obviously many various ways to save and properly manage the little you have as student. To start, you can study your schedule very carefully and thoroughly to find that flexible time you might spare to make extra income each month.

College students can look for part-time jobs and make that needed extra small cash. Fortunately there are so many online recruiters for students to find part-time jobs. These recruiting sites include the following:

Here are the top 5 jobs for college students that pays well

1. Blogger – A lot of people make passive income by writing articles for their blogs, and yes it requires a lot of time and dedication, but the approach has a great potential of making you extra income and full time career. As young person in college, you probably know what interests other students, write blog posts about that and hopefully you will be able to sell someone’s product online as an affiliate, and get a small commission from the sale.

You can also write blog posts for other businesses, some companies don’t hire copywriters but hire freelancers. With freelance, you will be able to charge accordingly to your own specification, you can charge per hour, per article, per number or blog posts and so on.

2. Freelancer – Should you have any particular skill or talent, you can offer that particular skill as a service. A freelancer is a person working from preferred location, who help businesses accomplish certain goals quicker in less resources. For example you can help a company market their new product on social media working at the comfort of your own home.

3. Taking surveys – Luckily there are so many websites or surveys out online waiting for people like you to take. These websites such as Pine Research pay you for taking a survey with them. They obviously don’t pay a lot of money however it’s better than actually spending a lot of time on social media not earning anything, think about it.

4. Buy and resell clothes – You can sell clothes to make extra cash, but not your own. You can shop around and find the cheap and affordable clothes young people like and sell to them, those who don’t have immediate access to them.

5. Campus work – You can work as an administration assistant such as aiding departments with registration, become a campus guider or information centre during every year’s new registration period. If interested, you can also become a junior lecture, colleges and universities always have such opportunities and earn well while studying.

Before trying any of the above mentioned job opportunities, do some research to find out what interests you the most. As soon as you can answer that, you would be able to get some sort of direction about what you’d like to tackle to make extra income.