Become Accredited Dstv Installer: Everything You Need To Know

Want to become Accredited Dstv Installer? Here's the definitive guide to applying for accreditation. You will receive necessary training to qualify.

This is the most comprehensive guide to becoming an accredited Dstv installer.

So, if you want to know how to become a Multichoice dish installer, you want to make extra money with a side business.

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What is an Accredited Dstv Installer?

Before you can become an installer, the least you can do is learn what it means to become accredited.

An accredited Dstv installer is a person or business contracted by Multichoice to provide installation services to customers.

You're a service provider for MultiChoice.

You will be legally tied by SLA contracts for strong relationship.

Your business will operate in designated areas of your choice - provincial or municipal.

You will get the necessary training and approved to be an accredited installer.

Once your business is active, you would expand your business by employing more people in your team.

Your employees will be referred to as "Qualified Dstv Installers".

The two terms are widely confused with each other.

A qualified installer is an employee or owner of accredited installer.

Hope that makes sense and clears the air for you.

What you'll need to apply for accreditation

To qualify, you must be willing to operate the business in certain areas.

Download the application form to become accredited Dstv installer.

Complete the form with your details. Ensure all items have been filled as this might delay the process.

Once completed, email the application to and a consultant will contact you.


You're becoming a service provider for MultiChoice that offers various installation services to Dstv customers.

It's compulsory to become vendor registered with MultiChoice. This will allow you to receive payment for the services rendered.

Find out more about the vendor registration process on

After that, you will be required to brand your vehicle. Branding must comply with the MultiChoice corporate identity.

You must hire at least one person who has completed the MultiChoice Level 1 Basic training.

Your business must have own equipment and tools to render installation services.

You need to complete a minimum of 5 Dstv installations to become accredited.

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