Awareness on social media should be compulsory in all schools!

The South Africans, particularly millions of African youth (aged between 14 & 28), have been established to become the market for the developed world and its capitalist system. These are over 14 million young people in SA today who are being exploited by the developed world, solely for capitalist-imperialist profits. The system uses technology to turn a poor family into a consumer. The things they watch on TV, n their cellphones are meaningless. The capitalist programming is very dangerous. There are more of deaths, gangsterism, racism, fornication and violence on TV than it was during apartheid.

There are more advertisements on TV of deaths than there are advertisements of health issues from the department of health; we watch more funeral parlous, death benefits policies payouts, alcohol, drugs and poison goods on the shelves of supermarkets on TV than we see how we could avoid the things that could kill us such as diabetes and heart attack.

But people are clued on this TV everyday watching capitalist propaganda and programming. On social media and Television in which they learn new things and new ways the things that are not good for their health and well being are being shown every day and in abundance; in which they change their lives to the worst. Our young people adopt materialism (a form of philosophical monism which holds that matter is the fundamental substance in nature, and that all phenomena, including mental phenomena and consciousness, are results of material interactions). This makes them love objects simply because they can be bought with money. In this, human beings change from being social beings into social things. Things matter much better than beings.

The developed world, namely the USA, China, Canada, Britain and Israel, have invested heavily on the media; to control and change the way our society is thinking and how the society should judge things and see the future. This media is used to sell the life of Money and Property, wealth and riches, racism and inequality and all-in-all it is materialism. Media plays an important role in distributing far and beyond over the society the most capitalist propaganda in the world; to shape how people look at themselves and how people should see each other and act towards each other.

Every young man and woman today is on social media. 800 million are on Facebook and twitter today in Africa; young people making almost 60 % are the most active social media networks users in Africa and the number is growing day-by-day. But there are very simple reasons for these to be true:

  1. If you have a tool that the young generation can be clued on day-in-and-day-out each hour, you can use the tool to create demand for your products - capitalist products.
  2. If you have businesses in a country where an economy is opened for foreign exploitation you can still use the tools to shape how the society, particularly the youth, things towards "foreign investment", you can use the tools to legitimising exploitation as opportunities.
  3. You can use the tools in the hands of the youth to incite violence, racism, uneducate and starts civil wars towards the same people in one country while you are monopolising and looting their resources.
  4. You can build shopping malls next to the population, encourage them to visit the shopping malls and sell your products through the tools (cellphones) daily.

In Rwanda in 1994, where the civil war between the two tribes resulted in a million deaths; genocide, the Chinese firm known as BRGH distributed radios amongst the illiterate population a week before the civil war started. This was after the plane that the president was in crushed and it was claimed to have been shot down by the Tutsis. The radios where used by the government agents of capital to incite violence amongst the Hutus and Tutsis. The government officials, when distributing the radios, appealed to the population to be clued on their radios as the government would be speaking to them to explain who killed their president. While people were listening to the radio, a government military head appealed to the Hutus to slaughter every Tutsi available. The violence erupted and people killed each other for over 4 months. 1 million people where recorded dead in just 4 months, and the radio was an effective tool to distribute a propaganda that was capable to divide the people and turn them against each other.

Today, we do not have a radio as effective tool for communication, but social media. As a result of lack of public education on what is happening in and around the country about social, political and economic development, people become ignorant. Their ignorance is a time bomb. Remember Rwanda! People now have cellphones that have media online and having 14 million using Facebook and Twitter needs education in social media. If social media is used as effective tool for the capitalist propaganda, remember Rwanda!

The capitalist are going to sell both their products via social media without any competition whatsoever. They would make people to love to spend with slogans like “Shop till you drop”. They would make people to spend more and more and never spend on anything that are meant for their survivals or for the future but on luxury. Children and the youth would be physically passive as they would spend more and more time on social media than doing physical activities, like playing sport. Children today play soccer on their cellphones than physically playing it at soccer fields. This is wrong because a young person need physical activities; to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Exercises are good for the brain as well and lack of it means poor mental state for many young people. Poor mental state means disaster. Remember Rwanda!

As a result of much time the youth spend on social media the more they are exposed to the capitalist products, propaganda and machinery - to turn them into consumers instead of working people. It exposed them to the things that are bought with money and the love for money starts. For demanding more and more of these things young people would want more money. Wanting more money would mean working harder and harder for the money. Slavery lifestyle starts where people work without rest.

Since many young people aged between 16 and 24 are unemployed (70%) or without income they would spend more of their parents’ money until they exhaust them. This would go on and on until it becomes addiction. This addiction would make it necessary for the young people to force their parents to buy with credit.

Credit would trap many families into an unending crisis – debt. A horror movie without an ending would be played by the families. These families, which are often the working class poor families, would live on credit to buy luxurious staff for their children. All the moneys they earn from their hard work would never be used for basics like for education, houses, food and security, but for luxury staff such as designer shoes, eye shades, clothes, cellphones and birthday cakes with expensive labels to charm the other parties. iSikhothane culture emerges!

The families would be distressed as their children would want more and more of these expensive staff, just for show offs. This addiction would turn their children into mall people, monsters, into thugs, and they would turn against their families demanding more money to buy. When the money is not there the parents would be forced to buy on credit. When credit is exhausted the parents would be forced to sell their properties just to have money for their children to go to the shopping malls and buy.

Families would breakdown; fathers would leave their wives as there would be no peace in the homes. Wives would cheat on their husbands in order to subsidise their incomes to make sure the children have money to buy the staff they are addicted to have, which are not needs but wants.

The families would break apart, the communities would be unstable and unsociable, and the whole society would perish. In all these miseries it is only the capitalist through their own tools (social media, shopping malls, banks, credit schemes and their government taxation systems) that would rip the rewards.