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A teenagers love for responsible life


As a young female from Ga Mashashane I have learned a lot in life and stopped dwelling in what I call the past, where hatred, dishonesty, lack of respect and more. I really hate to admit that I took things lightly and lost focus on things that really are of importance in my life.

I thought school was not important and didn’t care if there was progress or not , but I grew to realise the reason behind been sent to school. I applaud our parents for making sure we acquire knowledge by sending us to school.

I noticed the growing tendency by my peers at school where we have lost it, lack of respect for Educators, and parents. Around Mashashane most youth do not give Educators the opportunity to educate, by not paying attention and resort to hate when we fail. What I picked up up is that most learners at schools fight for boys or girls which is not what we are sent to school for , some do this at home.

Abuse of Alcohol , spending a lot of time at shebeens and lesss time given to our studies. We end up fighting a lot and bringing other people into our fights. I urge my peers to look back and draw back responsibility and change. We specialise in being late to school we don’t give our best to our education because we know that discipline measures by our educators are limited.

Disrespecting our parents leads to teenage pregnancy , and we have one excuse to give adolescent stage which is in a rise from grade 8 learners. It is merely caused by lack of consideration of all the health awareness that is been offered by our parents, Government, schools social services on how to conduct yourself as a young male and female. The phrase no sex before marriage it is not in our vocabulary but most youth don’t take tips on how to protect themselves from sti and other diseases and preventing themselves from getting pregnant rather than aborting.

In my hometown we need continued help of health services , sanitation especially water , and also roads. We have a clinic which sometimes lack resources such as Ambulance which the confirmation was made by a nurse that they were told that no Ambulance for our clinic which we hope it was just for that day unless otherwise. As a young female in Ga Mashashane I wish that my peers learns a lot from mistakes we make as youngsters and change for the best and promote good learning, respect understanding in our classrooms. Make sure we make our parents happy by passing our tests .

We must stop abuse of alcohol and get to school on time abide by the rules of our schools and respect our educators. We will succeed and be proud of ourselves.