Waffle - a new social media app by Samsung

Often times we see people across the world plugged in and being online for almost one reason which is a big factor in the diversity of the current

Facebook videos can benefit upcoming artists

Social media is very much powerful if used right. Let me concentrate more on Facebook because most of us as South Africans are on Facebook than oth

HP's new world thinnest laptop

By far the thinnest laptop in the whole wide world, 13.3 inch on windows 10 which only weighs 2.45 pounds (1.1kg). This gorgeous device have alread

The New Tesla Model 3

Tesla Motors Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, electric vehicle

Samsung Gear VS LG 360 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology has been trending all over the media since the announcement of the Samsung Gear VR powered by the Facebook company. Virt

The New Mercedes Benz G Wagen

Mercedes Benz popular known for designing high standard vehicles, has introduced the new, morebasic verision G-Class, a luxury truck powered by a t

Facebook launched It's DeepText feature

Facebook have today announced a new feature called DeepText, a text understanding engine, which is a lot smarter at understanding text using it's A

New edition Batman Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung has announced a new and special edition of Galaxy S7 Edge Batman-Themed called the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition. The smart phone is the

Samsung makes a 256GB Micro-SD Card

Samsung have managed to fit in the biggest storage capacity into a very tiny, finernail-sized microSD memory card. This is the biggest memory card

Top selling smartphones in South Africa

Smartphones are the most used tech gadget in the world and among many in South Africa, there must be those that top the list in terms of sales. We

Elite File Vs Datafilehost - What's the difference? | MashTownRadio

What separate Elite File from all the online file hosting services such as Datafilehost? Find out the benefits of hosting your files with Elite File.

Gmail For Android Gets A New Look - Here's What Has Changed

Google launches the new Gmail for Android devices based on Material Design. Here's what has changed and new.

The Biggest User Of Electricity In The World

One of the biggest community of users in the whole wide world that utilize electricity more than anything else is Internet, the global system of in

The Future Of Luxury Motoring Has Arrived

The new BMW 7 series comes with the newest and modern motoring technology of all time, the comfort in the car is as awesome as never before and the

Start Your Volvo With An App

A Volvo company in Sweden is going to try an app built specifically to start and or stop an engine of a car. This type of technology has already be

New BlackBerry on Android

For years, BlackBerry has been running their own operationg systems in their BlackBerry devices and all that has changed. The BlackBerry operating