PHP Developer Salary in South Africa

Php Developer Salary in South African. Find out how much junior to experienced developers are making out there. Php salaries are calculated based on the recent economic and industry standards.
So, you're a Php developer and wandering how much would be your salary when you get a job. This guide will show you how much to expecte as an entry level developer right up to experienced developer. PHP developer salary differs from company to company but calculated and determined by industry standards and economic environment of South Africa. But before we get to the numbers, let's quickly discuss the role of a PHP developer.

What is a PHP developer?

You probably know what a Php developer is, hence you're reading this article to find out how much they get paid. If certain, then you are more than welcome to skip to the Php developer salary section below - otherwise keep on reading. A Php developer is a software programmer that build web applications popular known as websites. These developers write or program applications using PHP, a server-side programming language. The developer's duty mostly includes the following:
  • Creating user interfaces
  • Website administration
  • Software testing and user training
To become a Php developer, you must apply for a course at a university or college. Many self-taught developers have learned the language with online courses. I recommend you checkout the following, if you really want to learn PHP: The above platforms are going to cost you less than enrolling into a university course. The best part? The course on each of the above platforms will earn a high php developer salary in your next job. As a developer myself, I spent a lot of time at Laracasts. Jeffrey - the founder, accommodates junior to advanced php developers.

Php Developer Salary in South Africa

As indicated above, the developer salary varies from agency to company. For a php developer, you're looking to earn between R259,500 to R374 965 annual salary. This is according to reports by Indeed and Jobspace recruiting websites or job boards. They process a lot php developer jobs hence they're able to calculate and estimate salaries. You may know this already, to earn big salaries at any company, you need to make yourself valuable - work up the ranks. The more you add and contribute value to the company, the more a company will take care of you. Speaking from experience, my junior position back in 2013 when I got into the industry was R5 500. Obviously because I was kind of an intern, at that stage. Many of my friends got about R10 000 for an entry level salary. it just depend on the agency. Make yourself valuable and you will earn enough for your skills and services. To make even more money with php web development, you can freelance. I see many Php developers doing a lot of freelance work. Working on side projects to make extra income. These are the types of project which your company wont take - small projects. Hope the above gives an idea of how much you can earn as a Php developer. I would like to know in the comment how much others are making for Php developer salary.