Job Interview: The One Thing You Should Always Say

Say this one thing in a job interview and leave a lasting first impression on the hiring manager. You'll get a job you love in no time.
An amazing career doesn’t just start overnight. You set it in motion. A good and extensive way of setting it in motion is by applying for job openings. Through this, you’ll have to attend lots of job interviews. This isn’t to say that job hunting is a Herculean task, but it’s not a walk in the park. Job interviews are all unique in their way because every job description and interview are both different. Despite the disparities, some things don’t just change. The best way to leave a lasting first impression on the hiring manager is to make statements that prove your worthy of the job. Some of the phrases you could use include;

I want the job.

In a job interview, you need to let the hiring team know you want the job. This doesn’t mean you’re desperate; it just shows how eager you are to work. It takes a level of confidence to do this, but it shows you have excellent initiatives. You could ask about their expectations of you in the next couple of weeks, months and years.

I have a great deal of experience.

Let your employers know how much experience you have. Had an unpaid internship at your local radio station? Say it! How about that summer holiday where you worked in the sales and marketing department? Let them know. This works wonders, especially if the previous work experience relates directly to this new job. Discuss how you used techniques to solve problems and increased productivity. Talk about any additional educational certificates you have, no matter how minute. It’ll give you an edge.

I’m a team player.

The job market requires lots of team work. All companies are looking for potential employees that get along with others and are cooperative. Let the hiring team know how much you love working with others and how you flourish excellently in group projects. With this, they’ll know you can be productive with little or no supervision.

I’m the best person for the job.

Let the hiring team know you’re the best possible candidate they have out there. To do this, you have to do your homework so you won’t appear clueless. Master the kind of candidate the company wants and look for ways to convince them that you fit perfectly into the job description. This can be done by stating your abilities, experience, qualifications and other concrete details about you. Talk about how your abilities can help the company succeed and reach their overall goals and objectives. This on its own would make you stand out from other job seekers. A job interview is the best possible way to sell yourself in a matter of minutes to a prospective employer. You don’t have an ample amount of time to talk about all your achievements and strong points. Because of things, it is important to say the right things within that short period. This would give you the best chance possible of securing the job.