7 Top In Demand IT Skills In South Africa

South Africa has produced the world's top tech geeks in the world such as Elon Musk and them. There's a high in-demand of IT skilled individuals in South Africa, if you were looking for a job this year. You might want to consider focusing on the digital marketing sector. Before making a move onto the next interesting career or maybe you are still looking for a job, please ensure to have your numbers right. For example when the government and political organisations announce an increase in unemployment, what do they really mean. It's honestly worth researching and knowing which skills you have strength on and will be competitive in. Recruiting companies release these top in demand IT skills often in order to offer their clients quality services. You can use such information to determine those skills so that when you apply - you'll be almost certain to receive a call from a recruiter for an interview.

Top in demand IT skills in South Africa 2018

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1. Java Developer

Create and test computer applications using special programming language called Java. Widely used in banks and other financial institutions in the country.

2. Php Developer

A server site programming language used to develop applications and websites. They are sometimes classified as web developer with the wide range of frameworks available within the Php community such as Wordpress, Laravel and so on.

3. Graphic Designer

Have you seen those beautiful advertisement concepts on social media and other media platforms? Graphic designers create visual concepts using a computer to communicate ideas and products with customers. When a company is designing a website or any other visually appealing concepts, a graphic designer is required for the job.

4. Web Developer

A programmer who specializes in, or is specifically engaged in, the development of World Wide Web applications, or applications that are run over HTTP from a web server to a web browser.

5. Wordpress Developer

A platform used by millions of users in the world, Wordpress is a free and open-source content management system mostly for blogging. It has created so many opportunities for developers in South Africa and become a career itself. It doesn't just mean installing and customising templates, it means developing themes and plugins for Wordpress.

6. IT Project Manager

Application programmers and graphic designers don't really enjoy interacting with clients all the time. They like spending time coming up with new ideas for projects. That's where the role of the IT Project Manager comes into play. A project manager, mostly referred to as an "Account Manager / AM", engage with clients to deliver quality service. They will guide your project to success. Without AMs, a project is like a headless chicken - really. IT Project Managers translate client's business rules into a working application.

7. Networks

Some of the most biggest companies in South Africa offer networking services. You need a minimum of diploma in computer engineering. Information technology in South Africa is growing rapidly each day, new useful tech is launched often making the industry, one of the economy driving vehicle of the country. The industry contributes quite a lot in the country's GDP.