How To Get A Raise In Just A Month

Want to get a raise at your job? Build your case and discuss your future with the company. Most importantly, be confident if you want to get a raise.

Asking for a raise in pay may be a daunting task especially if it is not an automatic process as you progress in the company.

So you have to get the right strategy in place to ensure that you get what you deserve and we have outlined a few smart ways to get this done.

Gather information

Research those in your field; learn about the salary range of those in your field, in a similar position and having about the same years of experience. This information helps you to know your potential worth and build your case.

Research your company and its policy on pay raise. Better still, talk to human resources to understand if there is a due process to be followed when asking for a pay raise, who you are to ask for a pay raise and how to go about it.

Next, know your worth. It is easy to feel like you are worth more or less than you are so you need to objectively assess yourself against others in the industry.

When assessing yourself, take into account your job description, responsibilities, years of experience, work ethic, attitude to work and level of education. Assess how well you fare in these areas to know how and if you require a pay raise.

The information on the pay of your counterparts, your experience and your position in the company as well as the company’s policy on pay raise should direct you on a reasonable amount for a pay raise.

Build your case

Leverage on your previous performance and how you have been a star employee, how you exceeded your target and went the extra mile to complete the tasks assigned to you. Make a list of your achievements and read through it.

Also, have someone else read through it to highlight areas that need to be edited. Based on the kind of individual your boss is, either approaches him or her and either present the list or discuss it.

Discuss your work history; this is a time to showcase your work. Talk about how you worked extra hours on cases or tasks, how you took the initiative in certain situations, how you saved the company time and money; back each point up with relevant examples.

Discuss your future value to the company: be sure to identify future projects the company plans to embark on and the role you intend to play.

This way, your employer sees that you are looking at the bigger picture and you are positioned to help the company to achieve future goals.

Be confident

Do not be afraid;

You have put in the work, you deserve it; so quell the voice that tells you to remain mediocre and just accept what you have; you deserve better.

Walk up to your boss, politely explain your previous star performances and explain the obstacles and hurdles that you had to overcome to achieve those goals. In other words, sell yourself and explain why you deserve a raise.

Many people are afraid to ask for a raise even when they know they deserve it and most bosses would not go out of their way to get you a raise in pay if you do not ask for it. In summary, if you want something, go for it!