9 High Paying Jobs Young People Can Get Without A Degree

Here, we list top 9 high paying jobs young people could get without a university or college degree.

Here, we list top 9 high paying jobs young people could get without a university or college degree.

As unemployment in South Africa remains high and education fees rising, it's practically impossible to get a job without a degree nowadays.

Having university qualifications guarantees you a high paying job in the market however that doesn't mean you can't get a decent job without certificate.

You would be required to bring to the table a set of special skills and talent.

Let's do this!

Top 9 High Paying Jobs for Young People in South Africa

You can get the following jobs without a university degree and still earn a decent salary per month.

If you're looking to out earn your university certified friends and family members, then you need to consider any of the following positions.

1. Web Developer

We list web developers as number one because it's one of the top in-demand skill in the country.

Web developers create web softwares using programming languages such as Java, PHP, SharePoint and so on.

You can acquire development skills by completing online courses. After that, you need to build yourself a portfolio and start creating applications.

That will get you a high salary job.

2. Makeup Artist

Responsible for transforming celebrity's faces and bodies to resemble any character.

You can find a high paying job by choosing to work with popular celebrities.

You don't need a college degree to become a makeup artist.

3. Real Estate Agent

You can make a real career out of real estate.

Start by becoming an intern at a real estate business. Dedicate your time to learning how to sell and rent out properties.

When your internship ends, you will be a qualified real estate agent.

You will begin helping home owners who doesn't have the time to rent or sell homes.

4. Executive assistant

You could either become a company secretary or personal assistant to an executive.

These positions pay really well because executives in businesses always have a lot in their hands.

With relevant experience, you can make a living out of the position.

The best part?

You don't even need a degree to become executive assistant.

5. Digital Marketer

You learn digital marketing with online courses as well and join a marketing agency of your choice.

Agencies are always looking for experienced digital marketers.

You can manage social media communities for clients, write content for advertising and blogs.

It's not easy getting high paying jobs in South Africa.

6. Become a DJ & Producer

If you have friends with music equipment’s, you can visit them more often to learn new skills.

Becoming a DJ is not a train smash, you just need to love the industry and figure out the music copyright law in South Africa.

You could also start producing music beats and selling them to upcoming artists.

DJ's make a lot of money, especially when you have a lot of experience in the field.

Well established DJ's charge over R17 000 per hour per event.

7. Assistant Supervisors

These are first line of communication between managers and ground level employees.

Managers in high-demand at construction companies for coordinating and overseeing the activities or construction or extraction works.

They look after equipment’s of the company, assist in stock taking and so on.

You don't need a degree for the job, just experience in construction work.

8. Graphic Designer

You can learn graphic design on YouTube today.

If you really love making things nicer, then you could easily lend yourself a design position.

Your responsibilities in businesses would include designing the following:

  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Web banners
  • Website mock-up
  • Mobile App mock-up

If you focus on the above-mentioned skills, you'd have high chance of getting a well-paying job in South Africa.

9. Waitress

It was reported that waitresses don't earn much in their jobs.

However, working in the busiest and most expensive restaurants might get you a job that pays good salary.

Of course, you will be working long hours but will be worth it.

You would usually get training from the restaurant.

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