The Secret To Getting Things Done in Less Time

Here are a few secrets to getting things done faster. Top 5 Tricks to getting more done at home and work. Become productive when nobody is looking.
Everyone always has a goal, an aim or a mission to accomplish as they get up in the morning, alas it doesn't always go smoothly and more often than not people don't get what they want to be done, done. It's tricky, getting all you want to be done in the time allocated or even in lesser time.

Top secrets to getting things done in less time

Here are a few secrets to do all you set out to achieve.


There is absolutely no way to overemphasize this as it is very vital to getting things done. Take some time to sit down and plan everything you want to be done, maybe the day before or even as far as a week or a month. The point is that with proper planning you have a set agenda and it's easier to get things done in sequence, even planning down to what you're going to wear will go a long way in getting you ready or planning when to wake.


Getting your affairs in order and prioritizing all you have to will take you a long way in doing a lot more in less time and with your priorities straight you'll sail through with little difficulties. Prioritizing is of utmost importance, after all, getting things done doesn't work if you forget to do the major things and leave of important stuff.

Stop procrastinating

This is a sin everyone is guilty of and with the constant postponing of things to be done it only leads to piling up of work and creates more to do later which dangerously eats into your time. Procrastinating is not a way to get things done, on the contrary, it just makes more work and might even get your schedule clogged up.

Never over-commit

Maybe you planned to do some things in a day but it might be too much on your plate, and it'll only lead to procrastination which leads to more work. Overcommitting may put you in deeper than you planned to be and bog you down in work you cannot get done in a day.

Stick to your routine

Making it through your planned routine should be the main goal of your day and one thing that will derail that and take up more of your time is adding more or altering it drastically. This is a sure way to set you off kilter and upset the balance you set for yourself so to avoid this and achieve what you set out to do make sure you don't do anything to put you under more work. These are simple ways to get more done in less time, and with these secret tips, you'll be able to sail through your day with ease and confidence. Following the tips above will go a long way in helping you manage your day. However, it also requires effort on your path for it to work so implementing these tips will guide you through the day easy and smooth if you abide by them.