College success top secret you didn't think was worth it

College or university students, mostly first year student are given advise when they arrive to campuses, we all go through that. Many students spend a lot of time in the labs, libraries and sleepless nights in order to succeed. But do you really have to go through sleepless nights just to understand a particular module? According to many other successful college students, the top secret of their success came about when they started allocating enough time to "sleep". Yes, you heard me right, having enough sleep can help you achieve more in college than you'd even think.

College success = enough bedtime

Staying up late until 3am while having a 8am class won't give you great results, but rather make you always tired. The idea of studying late is overrated because ones mind needs time to rest in order to consume new important facts. The sooner you figure out giving yourself enough bedtime, the better results you will have in your studies. Obviously you know yourself, you don't have to go to bed early, you just need to figure out your sleeping habits. Many students tend to rely mostly on weekends to catch up with weekly tasks. Here's my advise, on weekend, wake up according to your schedule/sleeping habit of the weekdays. That way your body won't be affected and will get used to the idea of consistency. You have to give yourself a bedtime, it's very significant that you do that. Setup bedtime that best suits your study habits. It's not going to be easy to figure out the right schedule of your bedtime, more especially that you weren't doing this in the first place.