Loan Repayment Calculator

Want to know how much would your monthly installments in your next loan applications? Use our free loan repayment calculator tool for your affordability assessments. South Africans use the calculator to check monthly installments, interest rate charged and principal debt.

Loan Calculator

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Calculate Repayment Terms

When taking a loan with the bank, what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Affordability. Monthly Repayment. Budget.

How could you possibly know if you'd be able to afford the loan when you haven't even taken the loan yet?

Very difficult right? Wrong!

With our loan repayment tool, you'll be able to calculate your monthly installment before considering taking the loan.

The tool will answer your most concerned questions to help you make a sound decision.

You'll get the following results when you use our online loan calculator:

  • Monthly Repayment
  • Total Payment
  • Total Interest

You could also test do AB testing with the repayment calculator. This will give you ideas to how much your finances will be affected for taking the loan.